Privacy and Data Protection Policy

LFPKC Advogados, comprising the law firms LFP – Lauletta • Favero • Panebianco Advogados e Consultores, Kassow/Ribeiro Braga Advogados and Carmagnani Advogados is a law firm committed to safeguarding privacy and personal data protection. Therefore, it assumes towards the personal data subjects (“DATA SUBJECTS”) the duty of complying with Brazilian laws and personal data protection legislation.

The purpose of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy (“POLICY”) is to inform the DATA SUBJECTS about the measures taken by LFPKC Advogados in connection with the processing of personal data.

By navigating on our website, submitting CVs or messages through our “contact us” section, the DATA SUBJECTS represent that they are aware of the terms and conditions of this POLICY and hereby freely and unequivocally consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes set forth herein.
The personal data of the DATA SUBJECTS are collected, stored, used and processed by LFPKC Advogados in the following events: 

When the DATA SUBJECTS provide information when registering on our website;

When the DATA SUBJECT registers to receive legal updates and newsletters and to join our exclusive mailing list;

When the DATA SUBJECT sends messages through our contact form; submit a CV through our website or e-mail; To comply with applicable laws; 

The following data are collected from the DATA SUBJECTS: name, individual taxpayer identification (CPF), address, phone number, profession, affiliated company and/or institution.

LFPKC Advogados’ website uses cookies exclusively for improving navigation and/or collecting data for statistical purposes; no personal information is collected, including for campaign purposes. 

The DATA SUBJECTS are responsible for the veracity of the data provided to LFPKC Advogados; when providing personal data of a third party, the DATA SUBJECTS must ensure that they are authorized to do so, and LFPKC Advogados assumes no liability in this respect.

LFPKC Advogados does not collect sensitive personal data through its website. If the DATA SUBJECTS voluntarily decide to provide sensitive personal data, the submission of such data implies that the DATA SUBJECTS are aware of the terms and conditions of this POLICY and freely and unequivocally agree with the processing of their personal data for the purposes set forth herein.

If, while navigating on LFPKC Advogados’ website, the DATA SUBJECTS are taken

– via link – to another website, they must take notice of the Privacy Policy of such other website.


LFPKC Advogados assumes no liability for the collection and use of personal data by, or for the content of, third parties’ websites.
LFPKC Advogados will use the personal data collected from DATA SUBJECTS for the following purposes:

To provide legal services;

To add content to LFPKC Advogados’ website and activities; to respond to requests and answer questions about the services provided by LFPKC Advogados;

To disseminate legal and/or market-related content, as well as content related to events organized and/or held by LFPKC Advogados

To fulfill users' requests for subscription to legal updates and newsletters

available on LFPKC Advogados’ website

  • To add DATA SUBJECTS to LFPKC Advogados’ mailing list;
  • To send institutional messages;
  • To carry out institutional marketing activities;
  • To recruit professionals;
  • To protect any rights and obligations relating to LFPKC Advogados’ lawful interests;

LFPKC Advogados will not process any personal data without the DATA SUBJECT’s consent except if such processing is required by law, including for the purposes of:

  • Complying with legal or regulatory obligations;
  • Entering into agreements;
  • Legally exercising rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings;
  • Protecting LFPKC Advogados’ lawful interests;
LFPKC Advogados warrants that it does not market or share any of the DATA SUBJECTS’ personal data with third parties;
The personal data collected from DATA SUBJECTS are safely stored by LFPKC Advogados on its own and/or third parties’ servers located in Brazil and/or abroad or on cloud computing servers, only for such period as necessary to carry out the purposes described herein and to comply with the applicable laws, as the case may be.

Client-related data are stored for such period as set out in the specific agreements and/or in our law firm's general terms and conditions.

The storage of data will comply with this POLICY and/or any agreements entered into with the DATA SUBJECTS; however, such data may be stored for longer periods for legal reasons or to comply with a court order or protect the lawful interests of LFPKC Advogados.

LFPKC Advogados is committed to processing the DATA SUBJECTS’ personal data in a safe manner and, for such purpose, it implements advanced information technology mechanisms that adopt technical and physical security procedures commonly used in the market. These procedures are designed to protect DATA SUBJECTS' personal data against, among other things, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or leaks.

All of LFPKC Advogados’ employees who have access to information and data collected from DATA SUBJECTS will be informed about the confidential nature of such information and data and will be obliged to strictly comply with the terms of this POLICY.


When applicable, LFPKC Advogados will request the DATA SUBJECT’s consent to the collection, storage and processing of personal data to fulfill the intended purposes.

Pursuant to the data protection laws in force, the DATA SUBJECTS may withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data by LFPKC Advogados.

LFPKC Advogados will give DATA SUBJECTS the option of ensuring that their personal data are kept updated and will give DATA SUBJECTS the right to request access to, portability, correction, updating, limiting or deletion of their data, pursuant to the applicable laws.

The DATA SUBJECTS may also request removal of their personal data from LFPKC Advogados’ mailing list, upon which they will no longer receive any e-mails.


To exercise their rights, submit their requests and express their concerns regarding the processing of their data by LFPKC Advogados, the DATA SUBJECTS may address our DATA PROTECTION OFFICER, who is duly authorized by LFPKC Advogados to provide clarification and/or take measures in relation to the processing of personal data, by sending an e-mail or letter to:


LFPKC Advogados reserves the right to change this policy without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend checking back periodically to see any updates to our privacy policy.